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Industrial Connectors
Uninsulated only available online
EGH only available online
2 Powerline Round Connectors - Ø 6mm, single-pole, insulated / max. 600V, 125A
Round connectors 1-pole, insulated, Ø 10-21 mm only available online
Round connectors 16BL only available online
MULTILAM plugs MULTILAM plugs Main catalog
Multipole connector SEM Multipole connector SEM
Multi-pole plug connectors TBC Multi-pole plug connectors TBC
Harsh environments only available online
Plug-in systems Connectors for plug-in systems - Modular system max. 600V, 300A / Fork plugs max. 600V, 1490A
CLIPLAM CLIPLAM CL-T Rackable connector for laminated busbars / max. 1600A
HP-GSRD High power fork plug HP-GSRD
Fork Connectors Fork Connectors for Blind Mating - Connections for High Power Busbars
CombiTac direqt only available online
CombiTac uniq only available online
CombiTac Overview only available online
CombiTac Standard DIN Housings only available online
Adapters for Electrical Motor Testing Motor terminal plug
Miniature Connectors Miniature connectors
Utilitiesline Rapid connection systems
FSA20K/16BL only available online
FSA10K/16BL only available online
FSA10K/16BV only available online
C Utilitiesline Rapid connection systems FSA with exchangeable block
Railway Solutions for Railway
Modular Power Connector MPC only available online
Positioning and Fixing Option for MPC only available online
Modular Power Connector MPC3-BS – angled only available online
Connectors for battery packs CT-HE only available online
Medical Industry Connectors
Medicalline Medical technology Main catalog
Connectors for Renewable Energy
Solar only available online
Original MC4-Evo 2 only available online
Solar Bankability only available online
MC4 barrel crimp contacts only available online
Special catalogues
Division Brochure
Product Portfolio Model review - with all catalogues of the Stäubli Electrical Connectors Productlines
Solution Provider Your partner for solutions tailored to your needs
SEALconTACT SEALconTACT - Connecting module for busbars, patented design
Electromate Electromate
SEALconTACT Study Long-Term Behavior Of Bus Bar Joints With And Without SEALconTACT
PerforMore High voltage connector
Power transmission and distribution Connection Solutions for power engineering
Aerospace, transportation and logistics Aerospace, transportation and logistics
Automotive industry Connection Solutions for automotive industry
Railway Solutions for Railway
E-Mobility Solutions for e-mobility
Battery connection solutions only available online
Solutions for the medical industry only available online
Rapid Charging for AGV Automatic rapid charging
Solution QCC for AGV
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