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Our Mission

The Stäubli Electrical Connectors brand is synonymous with advanced contact technology and sophisticated solutions. We provide our customers around the world with the key added values of efficiency and sustainability.

Our Vision

The Pioneers
We start trends and set standards. It was this same pioneering spirit and drive for invention that led to the company's creation, and that continue to shape our identity today. We move forward with the courage to think beyond and support every initiative aimed at improving our products and services. Innovation is the driving force behind our company's progress.

Solutions with Perspective
We develop, produce, sell, and manage products for markets with very high standards of productivity. Many organizations rely on us as proven experts to provide solutions to their challenges - the point where numerous innovations originate before establishing themselves worldwide.

The Experts
We attract the most highly qualified professionals. The combined know-how of our international team of experts is exceptional, and this is what makes us a leader in our sector.

On Top of Our Market
We are open to new developments, keep a constant watch on the market's shifting demands, and are strategically savvy in our operations. This approach contributes significantly to our success.

First in Quality
In terms of quality and performance, we always deliver the very best products and services. Our solutions are designed for durability and continuity. By choosing Stäubli Electrical Connectors, our customers choose long-term reliability and safety.

We are aware of our responsibilities as a company, and always seek to strike a constructive balance between our corporate objectives and the needs of our social and natural environment - encompassing customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and the planet.

People Make the Difference
Values such as compassion and sustainability secure the foundation of our existence for generations to come. For this reason, we operate in strict accordance with the Stäubli Group code of ethics.

Our Values

What This Means in Practice

For Our Customers:
Proximity - Creativity - Continuity

We value our customers highly. They can count on our guidance and support even with the most uniquely demanding tasks. They enter into a longstanding partnership with us, which they know they can depend on. We always work closely with our customers, both conceptually and geographically. Their requests are processed quickly and competently. Our customers can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that the durability of Stäubli Electrical Connectors products is exemplary.

For Our Suppliers:
Professionalism - Respect - Transparency

We treat our carefully selected suppliers as experts in their respective fields. They know that they can count on our trust and loyalty. Their relationships with us are characterized by transparency, openness, reliability and mutual respect.

For Our Employees:
Opportunities - Freedom - Fairness - Family

Our employees are the reason for our company's success. We respect and accept every person as an individual and as part of our global team. We place great emphasis on maintaining a positive work environment and supporting all of our employees on an equal basis.
The people who make up our company focus on being service-oriented and forward-thinking. They are inquiring, bold, positive, enthusiastic, optimistic, and motivated.
At Stäubli Electrical Connectors, all employees are given the freedom to evolve. We work together based on the foundations of fairness, respect and trust. We maintain a constructive, collaborative culture, characterized by open dialogue. Everybody takes responsibility for their own work, and by extension, for the overall success of the company.

For Our Owners:
Growth - Profitability - Stability - Trust

Being part of the Stäubli Group provides us with stability in every sense. It strengthens our capacity for innovation, and forms the basis of a company policy that is geared toward the long term.
All of our company's pursuits are determined by sustainable planning. We are committed to driving projects forward with success and profitability. To this end, we make practical use of synergies and available resources within the Group. We always operate with foresight in order to minimize and manage risk.

Our Quality Policy

First-class quality is the key to our success.

When it comes to our products and services, only the best will do. We strive to achieve top quality in all areas – in terms of the materials we use and with our production facilities and processes. Our solutions are based on the principles of durability, performance, and continuity. We choose our suppliers and partners carefully, and treat them as experts in their respective fields, in partnerships shaped by transparency, openness, reliability, and respect.

Our quality management system enables us to monitor and improve our processes on an ongoing basis, and guarantee customers the best possible quality. Audits are carried out at regular intervals with a view to reviewing the applicable standards.

Our understanding of quality encompasses all areas of the company, and Stäubli Electrical Connectors has been certified according to ISO EN 9001 since 1993.

Our Environmental Policy

We are aware of our responsibilities as a company. Committed to sustainability, we are always looking to strike a constructive balance between our company objectives and the requirements of our natural and social surroundings – customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and the environment.

Our environmental policy defines the framework of our active environmental management with a view to protecting the natural resources of air, water, and soil, as well as flora and fauna, in a sustainable approach.

To this end, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Wherever possible, we use environmentally friendly or reusable, nonhazardous materials in the products we develop, manufacture, and sell.
  • Our production methods are selected on the basis of environmental issues such as energy consumption, emissions, and waste, taking economic efficiency into account at the same time.
  • We regularly monitor and evaluate our activities and their impact on the environment, defining measures aimed at further reducing this impact while bearing in mind the relevant economic conditions.
  • When purchasing components and services, we choose partners who are equally committed to environmental sustainability.
  • We comply with the respective national legal and other requirements and strive for a high level of occupational safety, health and environmental protection throughout the entire company.
  • We work to enhance the environmental awareness of our staff through training that enables them to make their own contribution to environmental protection and occupational health and safety.
  • We maintain an open and constructive relationship with all interested parties such as customers, suppliers, neighbors, and authorities.

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