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Cabling of PV Installations – Minimizing Your Risk, Maximizing Your Return.

In order to ensure the deciding factors for the long-term success of a PV system and therefore also the necessary financing, the appropriate, bankable project partners for the project must be acquired. Careful selection of bankable products and components to be built into the system is also a core topic, as these exert considerable influence on the bankability of the PV project.

During the project planning phase of a PV system, factoring in the long-term operational and maintenance costs is often neglected. The main focus is on the initial costs and, during the selection process for the various components, largely on the two highest-cost items: the solar modules and the power inverter. The components for the cabling (connectors, junction boxes, cables) play only a minor role in calculations, as they account for less than 1% of the initial costs. However, these apparently minor components can have a massive and ultimately decisive influence on the risks and on the return on investment of a PV project. If the wrong decisions are made at this point, operational and maintenance costs as well as the risk of power losses, a (partial) system failure, or even a fire may all increase as soon as the PV system is put into operation.

So why try to save a tiny percentage on initial costs when it massively increases the risk potential and therefore also endangers the long-term return on investment?

Would you like to learn more? We would be pleased to demonstrate how you can use bankable Stäubli Electrical Connectors products to minimize risk for your PV system and maximize your return on investment.

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