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Round Connectors

These plug connectors are used as equipment connectors and couplers in industrial installations, switchgear, test stands and standby power units. Equipped with bayonet or push-pull lock to prevent inadvertent disconnection. Panel receptacles and couplers are single-pole plug connectors equipped with the proven MULTILAM. Contact inserts are made of silver plated brass. Polyamide insulators for operation up to 1000V, 1000A.

3A Powerline Flyer
3A Powerline Flyer

Round Connectors
Ø 21mm / 1000V, 1000A

The single pole, insulated Ø 21mm round connector complements the well established 10BV and 16BV systems, adding to the program a particularly powerful solution with current carrying capacity up to 1000A for mobile power supply.

3C Powerline Flyer
3C Powerline Flyer

Shielded connector
21BV-GS / 600A, 1000V

The plug connector 21BV-GS was developed as a customerspecific solution on the basis of the tried and tested round connector 21BV.
The continuous shielding gives dependable protection from electromagnetic influences.

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