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Round Connectors

Our single-pole, unenclosed, uninsulated round connectors for high currents up to 6000A. The standard plug connections are made of brass (with copper crimping sleeve), and silver plated approx. 6mm. Special connections with other dimensions or materials and special silver plating for higher plugging frequencies are available on request.

EGH Flyer
EGH Flyer

Electrical grounding hinge – EGH

The lower part of the hinge is mounted on the cabinet, and the upper part on the door. The EGH replaces the ground braid between the door and the cabinet it facilitates easier removal of the door and guarantees reconnection of the ground on reassembly.
SEM Flyer
SEM Flyer

Multipole connector SEM

The battery connector SEM for electric vehicles is suitable for internal battery to control unit or motor and external battery to charging station connections. The connectors can be coded with hexagonal coding bolts, providing six coding positions for different operating voltages. The self-extinguishing insulation housing is available as flat, two-pole mono-block construction or one-pole add-on housing. It is resistant to mineral oils, petrol, commercial lubricants and cleansers commonly found in the motor vehicle industry. The touch-protected plug and socket can be locked with a plastic fixing bracket.

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