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Industrial Connectors
1 Powerline Round Connectors - unenclosed, single-pole, uninsulated / max. 6000A
1B Powerline Electrical grounding hinge
2 Powerline Round Connectors - Ø 6mm, single-pole, insulated / max. 600V, 125A
3 Powerline only available online
5 Powerline MULTILAM plugs - Ø 2mm-4mm, uninsulated / max. 50A
3A Powerline only available online
3C Powerline only available online
6B Powerline SEM… Multipole Connector
Powerline Multi-pole Multi-pole plug connectors - Ø 6 mm, Ø 8 mm - max. 1000 V, 180 A
A Powerline Multi-pole only available online
Slide-inline Connectors for plug-in systems - Modular system max. 600V, 300A / Fork plugs max. 600V, 1490A
A Slide-inline CLIPLAM CL-T Rackable connector for laminated busbars / max. 1600A
B Slide-inline High power fork plug HP-GSRD
CombiTacline The modular connector system
I CombiTacline only available online
Light housing only available online
Motorline Motor terminal plug
Miniline Miniature connectors
Utilitiesline Rapid connection systems
A Utilitiesline only available online
C Utilitiesline Rapid connection systems FSA with exchangeable block
D Utilitiesline FSA10K/IB16BV-NS flat bar clamp with replaceable contact elements
Railwayline Electrical contacts for railway technology
B Railwayline only available online
C Railwayline Battery Pack Connector
Connectors for Automatic Systems
Roboticline Primary circuit connectors - 1000V AC, max. 250A, 1kHz
RobiFix only available online
RobiFix-MINI only available online
A Roboticline Primary Circuit Connectors Type J (ISO 10656) For Electric Welding Transformers
B Roboticline New end housings EG-TS-M... with metric threaded cable glands according to EN 50262
C Roboticline Panel mounting housing for welding transformers type Expert K
D Roboticline Flanged male sockets / Flanged female plugs
E Roboticline Primary circuit connectors - max. 690V / 250A
I Roboticline Crimping tool case with accessories
Multi Couplings Connectors for multi-couplings
2 Dockingline Connectors for robot tool changers
1A Dockingline Gigabit Ethernet connectors
Medical Industry Connectors
Medicalline Connectors and Connecting Leads in Medical Technology
D Medicalline POAG-...KBT6-EC... New POAG plug connectors for screw assembly
Connectors for Renewable Energy
Solarline Connection systems and accessories for photovoltaics. Plug connectors, junction boxes and cables
N Solarline Overview for Installers: More than 15 years of experience in photovoltaics
W Solarline only available online
X Solarline only available online
Reference List only available online
Test & Measurement
1 Test&Measureline Test Accessories for Extra-Low-Voltages - Test Accessories for Experimenting, Testing and Repairing
30 VAC / 60 VDC
2 Test&Measureline Touch-Protected Test Accessories for Experimenting, Testing, and Repairing
( CAT II / CAT III / CAT IV ) - Maximum safety up to 1000 V
4 Test&Measureline Accessories for Measurements at the Mains Supply Source ( CAT IV ) - Maximum safety up to 1000 V
5 Test&Measureline Terminals for Test and Measurement Devices - Safe accessories for test and measurement equipment according to IEC/EN 61010
O Test&Measureline Safe Testing and Measuring According to IEC/EN 61010-031
W Test&Measureline The world of electrical testing and measurement.
X Test&Measureline New Ø 4 mm Test Leads with Stackable Connectors
XVF-4.../EVO, XVS-4.../EVO
HFline Test Accessories for High-frequency Measurements - Oscilloscope Probes and BNC Connectors
Cableline Cables & Multistrand Wires - Maximum flexibility
Special catalogues
SuccessStories only available online
Productline Model review - with all catalogues of the Stäubli Electrical Connectors Productlines
B MULTILAMTechnology SEAL con TACT - Connecting module for busbars, patented design
C MULTILAMTechnology Electromate
F MULTILAMTechnology Long-Term Behavior Of Bus Bar Joints With And Without SEALconTACT
A Applications Connection Solutions for Aerospace
B Applications only available online
I Applications Application Examples
Rapid Charging Automatic rapid charging
Solution QCC
M Applications only available online
N Applications Connection Solutions for the Defense Industry
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