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Circular primary circuit connectors

For reliable power supply to medium-frequency welding units. Small in size but high in performance, equipped with MULTILAM Technology. With these connectors, the cable between transformer and welding gun can be subdivided into several sections, simplifying handling and maintenance. It is also possible to incorporate two pilot contacts for signal leads.

RobiFix Flyer

RobiFix - Primary circuit connector

Highly reliable, cost-effective and space-saving means of integrating power supplies in robotic dress packs and running them along robotic arms. This latest innovation does not require any special assembly tools.
RobiFix mini
RobiFix mini Flyer

Primary Circuit Connector
RobiFix mini

The new, cost-effective Stäubli Electrical Connectors connector for primary circuit lines in welding applications. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design this series can be easily integrated into modern lightweight manufacturing concepts.
Crimping Flyer

Crimping tool case CZK2

Stäubli Electrical Connectors recommends the use of this cordless hydraulic crimping tool together with the Stäubli crimping dies for crimping the Stäubli contacts. This tool guarantees a safe and high quality crimp termination.

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