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As industry partner and key supplier in the international railway sector for more than 30 years, Stäubli has a clear insight into customer’s challenges and expectations, such as service continuity, extreme weather conditions and mechanical stresses. Stäubli provides an effective response with optimized solutions, whether for high-speed, mainline, suburban or regional trains, or tramways and underground railways.

Modular Power Connector MPC3-BS – angled
Modular Power Connector MPC3-BS – angled Flyer

Modular Power Connector MPC3-BS – angled

The compact solution is suitable for the following areas of application: inter-car connection on the roof or under car, traction or auxiliary converter outputs, battery outputs, and body to bogie and body to motor connection.
Connectors for battery packs CT-HE
Connectors for battery packs CT-HE Flyer


The connectors described in this document meet the specific requirements of the railway industry and are particularly suited for the use in railway rolling stock. These connectors are based on the components of our modular connector system CombiTac.
Modular Power Connector MPC
Modular Power Connector MPC Flyer

模块化电源连接器 ---- 应用于车辆系统,200A - 700A, 高达 3600V, 10mm² to 240mm²

这一产品系列用以实现铁路车辆牵引中的电路链的电连接问题。通过使通用组件标准化,MPC 拥有Stäubli公司产品的通用优点,设计简洁,模块化系统。

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