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The Power-Blox PBX200, the first product that was developed based on our swarm technology, is a revolutionary modular energy system producing alternating current from 200 W up to the Kilowatt range, which serves as a “portable socket” to off-grid energy demands. Its modularity allows it to produce and easily scale electricity.

The system is Plug & Power and requires no configuration, specific know-how or maintenance. It consists of intelligent energy cubes with an integrated battery (available as lead or lithium-ion version). Each cube provides 200 Watt of alternating current and can be powered by a solar unit or from any external source (such as solar, wind, hydrothermal, biomass, or a generator etc.) to supply a household or small commercial business with electricity. Power-Blox acts as universal energy interface and can be combined with various external energy sources or storage devices.

■ 230 V AC/200 W true sinus inverter
■ 100 Ah solar battery
■ MPP solar charger
■ Swarm-/mini-grid enabled
■ 4 x stacking sockets

■ Integrated stacking cable
■ Grid/generator connector
■ 12 V DC/3 A (cigarette lighter    socket)
■ 2 x USB output


Standalone Power-Blox

Instant plug & power.
Directly supplies 230 V AC.

Stacking Power-Blox

Get more energy and power.
Expand by stacking units.

Build a swarm grid

More units increase the stability and power of the grid. Every consumer in the system can use the full power of all units.

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