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MC-Connector System for Photovoltaics
The MC-Plug connectors, panel mountable receptacles and module junction boxes have been developed to satisfy the growing need for quick to connect, safe to operate and reliable contact system to interconnect PV modules up to the DC/AC inverter of grid connected PV applications. The components of MC-Connector System for Photovoltaics allow a variable and individually adaptable cable installation. On request, cable assemblies with plug connectors on one or both side assembled in a quality controlled process at MC factories can be ordered. Alternatively they can be connected in the field and tooling is available to support users customisation.
Millions of connectors used in PV systems throughout the world have demonstrated the benefits of the MC-Connector System for Photovoltaics.
These are:
Significant reductions in installation costs, less time working at heights and hence a reduced risk of accidents.