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Welcome to the Multi-Contact inquiry form for electrical connectors. This is the first screen of a short questionnaire of about ten screens. The following interview should only take a few minutes of your time. Please note that you are not required to fill every form field in the next following screens. Obviously, the more information you can provide to our engineering team, the easier and quicker it will be to understand your application requirements. If you have more data than you can enter into a specific form field just continue through this interview. You will have a chance to submit it at the end of this questionnaire. If you would like to send us drawings or specifications as a file attachment you can also do so on the last screen of this interview.

Besides a very large selection of standard off-the-shelf products Multi-Contact produces a lot of custom connector solution. Occasionally, we do also sell the heart of our connector technology - our Multilam contact bands. Please be advised that when we sell Multilam contact bands we provide no warranty whatsoever. They are solely sold as special order items and are non-returnable and non-cancelable.

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