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Rapid connection systems

Safety flat bar clamps for rapid and safe contact of busbars in power distribution plants, power generation units, mobile transformers, and standby power packs.

C Utilitiesline Flyer
C Utilitiesline Flyer

Rapid connection systems FSA with exchangeable block

The new FSA20K…-WB flat bar clamp with its exchangeable contact block is particularly easy to maintain. It allows rapid and safe contact of copper busbars in power distribution plants. The insulated contact block with built-in MULTILAM can simply be replaced by the users themselves if it becomes worn or damaged. The new FSA is compatible with the existing round connectors systems (16BV plugs and couplers).
D Utilitiesline Flyer
D Utilitiesline Flyer

Rapid connection systems FSA

FSA10K/IB16BV-NS flat bar clamp with replaceable contact elements.

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