Safety Test Probe Set
consisting of:
■ STL-90: Safety handling part with connecting lead
■ KSA-2: Push-on Ø 2mm steel tip
■ KSA-4/19S: Push-on Ø 4mm Multilam® tip
■ KSA-BPP: Push-on adapter for test connections to flat connecting tabs
■ XALS: Reference lead with crocodile clip

Safety test probe set, consisting of handling part with silicone-insulated coaxial connecting lead with BNC plug and push-fit adapters for different types of test connection. The Ø 4mm safety plug on the front of the handling part has plugging compatibility with all test connectors and probe tips with rigid Ø 4mm sockets. Ø 2mm safety socket for reference lead connection in the handling part.