Safety Test Probe Set
Isoprobe®II - 10:1 HS DELUXE
consisting of:
■ Isoprobe II - 10:1 HS DELUXE: Safety high-frequency test probe with super flexible, silicone-insulated coaxial connecting lead with BNC plug. Compensation adjustment screw and Ø 2mm safety socket for reference lead connection in the handling part.
■ HC200: Push-on hook clip
■ AC200: Push-on safety jaw clip
■ GM200: Reference lead with crocodile clip
■ GB200: Reference lead with Ø 4mm safety plug
■ AB200: Ø 4mm safety jaw clip
■ PB200: Push-on Ø 4mm test probe
■ PT200: Push-on Ø 2mm test probe
■ GS200: Push-on reference contact

The silicone-insulated connecting lead of the „deluxe“ test probe is highly flexible over a wide range of temperatures and even withstands brief contact with a hot soldering iron. Particularly extensive range of accessories.