MC-Multilam™ plugs 2mm, 2,5mm, 2,8mm,
3mm, 4mm, uninsulated, up to 50A
MC-Multilam™ plugs are machined from brass, and are gold- or nickel-plated. A recess serves as a seat for the freely movable Multilam™ contact cage. It is punched from rigid hard-drawn copper alloy sheet, rolled and formed so that the louvres bulge outward. The spring action of the louvres provides constant pressure in the mated condition. Our Multilam™ plugs are fitted with two different types of Multilam™. The outstanding electrical characteristics of Multilam™ connectors are:
- high current-carrying capacity
- minimal contact resistance
- low self-heating
Solid metal pins make MC-Multilam™ plugs extremely rugged and crushproof. They are also highly resistant to vibration in the mated condition.