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06.04.2017 » The new CombiTac light housing with centralized locking
Specially developed for test applications that require high contact density. The CombiTac System from Stäubli Electrical Connectors now features a light housing with centralized locking. The new housing was specially designed for industrial test applications, e.g.
The new CombiTac light housing with centralized locking
16.02.2017 » Industrial Hanover fair
April 24-28, 2017
Technology spectacular at the Hanover Fair Stäubli, the innovative mechatronics solution provider in the fields of Connectors, Robotics and Textile, will be represented strongly at the Hanover Fair 2017. Stäubli Electrical Connectors will be showcasing their electrical plug-in connectors and ready-made all-round solutions at their stand - B49 in Hall 11. The modular CombiTac system is the ideal choice for industrial automation, featuring a high number of mating cycles whilst ensuring reliable and secure connection. The wide variety of modules for signals, data, power, fluid and pneumatics permits almost limitless combinations for the configuration of electrical and hybrid connectors.
Industrial Hanover fair <br>April 24-28, 2017
05.01.2017 » A connection for the future
Multi-Contact to become Stäubli Electrical Connectors Multi-Contact, the leading international manufacturer of electrical contacts and system solutions for industrial applications has been part of the Stäubli Group since 2002 and is now taking on the latter’s name and brand identity. Starting January 1, 2017 the company will offer its quality products and tailored customer solutions worldwide as Stäubli Electrical Connectors. A connection for a future of efficiency and sustainability.

Multi-Contact was founded in Basel (Switzerland) in 1962 as a family company and serves diverse industrial customers worldwide with quality products and tailored solutions.
A connection for the future
02.11.2016 » GSRD Double Fork Plug Now UL-Certified
The Multi-Contact GSRD double fork plugs have recently been successfully certified by UL in File E481686 in accordance with ANSI/UL 67. This allows Multi-Contact to meet the needs of the global market and expand the range of possible applications for the plugs. Standard GSRD plugs are available for currents of up to 1490 A, allow for more than 1000 connection cycles, and are ideal for a wide range of connections and flat contact applications involving busbars, busbar connectors, as well as for module technology with busbars.

They can be used in the field of energy technology, for example in energy storage systems, in control technology, and as high-current connectors for power electronics.
GSRD Double Fork Plug Now UL-Certified
17.06.2016 » Flex-Sol-Evo: New Lead Types for the Requirements of Tomorrow
In order to keep up with customer requirements in the cable area, and to cover forthcoming requirements, Multi-Contact AG has launched a selection of new leads called Flex-Sol-Evo.

The Flex-Sol-Evo leads, which feature stranded fine-wire core conductors and double insulation, stand out from their competitors thanks to their excellent quality. The efficient design allows for a compact installation through wiring of the panels at module level or the distribution boxes/inverters at string level. The Flex-Sol-Evo leads are covered by a range of different certifications, from the simple TÜV certification for 1 kV through to UL and EN certification for 1.
Flex-Sol-Evo: New Lead Types for the Requirements of Tomorrow
07.06.2016 » Increased Involvement in the Defense Industry
Multi-Contact AG is increasing its involvement in the defense industry and is poised to corner this market with its exceptional connection solutions.

Whether on land, on the water, or in the air, the unique solutions from Multi-Contact, which are all based around MULTILAM technology, are characterized by their low contact resistance and extremely high power densities, and are ideal for use in harsh conditions such as those in military settings.

The company’s many years of experience in this area, together with its in-house testing resources, allow Multi-Contact to develop and test standard products and customer-specific solutions in accordance with defense-industry-specific standards.

Learn more in our new flyer:
Increased Involvement in the Defense Industry
06.04.2016 » PV: Statement from TÜV Rheinland
regarding Alleged “(Connector) Compatibility between PV Connectors from Different Manufacturers” A pioneer in the PV branch, Multi-Contact set the standard with its original MC4 connector, and over the past 20 years, over 120 GW PV power has been installed worldwide using this connector. However, there are numerous fakes or “copycat” Multi-Contact connectors on the market. It is often difficult to differentiate these from the original just by looking at them. However, technical comparisons show serious quality and safety flaws in the copies.
PV: Statement from TÜV Rheinland
09.02.2016 » Equipped for High-Speed Communication
Multi-Contact has upgraded its CombiTac modular connector system with a 10-Gbit module for Ethernet communication. The module complies with all CAT6A requirements. Like most products from the Multi-Contact selection, the connector is designed for 100,000 connection cycles. The 10-Gbit module was developed for the harsh industrial environment and boasts an IEC 60512-6-4 rating for vibration resistance.
Equipped for High-Speed Communication
14.01.2016 » PV: Successful JET and CQC Production Site Audits
The Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE) carried out a production site audit at the Essen site on behalf of Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET) and the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) on December 9 and 10, 2015.

The reason for the audit was the annual recertification of the production site for the existing JET product certification for the MC4-EVO connector and the approval of the production site for the CQC certification of the MC4.

The result speaks for itself – both audits were completed successfully without any points being raised by the auditors. This means that there are no obstacles to the continued successful sale of Multi-Contact connectors in the key markets of Japan and China.
PV: Successful JET and CQC Production Site Audits
11.01.2016 » RobiFix-MINI – the New Roboticline Primary Circuit Connector
for Spot Welding Applications With the latest addition to its Roboticline program, Multi-Contact has created a further solution for high-frequency welding technology. Thanks to its compact, lightweight design, RobiFix-MINI is easily integrated into modern lightweight design concepts.

The smallest member of the RobiFix family can be assembled by hand and features extremely compact dimensions (80 × 30 × 140 mm) and greatly reduced weight.

RobiFix-MINI is designed for 16 mm², 25 mm², and 4 AWG cables.
RobiFix-MINI – the New Roboticline Primary Circuit Connector
18.12.2015 » Automation app award 2015 – CombiTac Configurator Makes the Top Three
At SPS IPC Drives 2015 in Nuremberg, the trade magazine elektrotechnik honored the winners of the fourth annual automation app award in the categories of Corporate, Engineering, Production, and Catalog.

Multi-Contact’s CombiTac Configurator app was selected by a five-person jury for the shortlist in the Catalog category.

The evaluation criteria were made up of five different areas of assessment. One important area was originality, and equal weight was given to user-friendliness.
Automation app award 2015 – CombiTac Configurator Makes the Top Three
10.12.2015 » Dedicated CombiTac website
The new dedicated CombiTac website gathers all necessary information about Multi- Contact’s CombiTac modular connector system in one place. Access information about CombiTac connectors and applications, download product literature, and discover our product capabilities and our services as a solution provider.

The CombiTac connector system allows the individual combination of various contact types in a compact frame or housing, and is used in a broad range of demanding applications including machinery, production line test equipment, electrical test equipment, and much more.

Each CombiTac is individually adapted to meet exact customer technical and dimensional requirements, and can be built step-by-step through our configurator.
Dedicated CombiTac website
01.12.2015 » Link-H – the optional connection element
for the high-performance MULTILAM LA-CUDD Link-H, an optional application specially manufactured for the high-performance MULTILAM LA-CUDD, offers a number of advantages.

Use of the Link-H allows an increase of 25% in the number of connection cycles. This element thus guarantees a higher number of connection cycles and expands the diameter range – for – without precluding the use of a cost-effective rectangular groove in a socket.

In addition, assembling the MULTILAM LA-CUDD with Link-H is very simple.
Link-H – the optional connection element
16.11.2015 » GigaDock1 Connector Nominated for the Automation Award
The GigaDock1 connector from Multi-Contact has been nominated as a top-five product for the 2015 Automation Award. GigaDock1 is a Gigabit Ethernet connector for automated docking systems in tough industrial environments. It is designed for more than 1,000,000 connection cycles and transfer rates of 1 Gbit/s.

The connector is easily integrated into Gigabit Ethernet networks.
GigaDock1 Connector Nominated for the Automation Award
09.11.2015 » New CombiTac Module for Connection Monitoring
Multi-Contact is expanding its modular connector system CombiTac with the Last Mate First Break module CT-LMFB. The new module will be presented for the first time at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg.

CT-LMFB was developed specifically for monitoring the connection status of electrical CombiTac contacts. Fields of application include monitoring and control functions in industry, automation, and mechanical engineering.
New CombiTac Module for Connection Monitoring
07.10.2015 » Welding-System Power Supply of up to 1000 V
The TSB150 and TSS150 primary circuit connectors from Multi-Contact have been equipped for a nominal voltage of 1000 V AC at 180 A. These power specifications bring the connectors in line with the increased requirements for modern spot-welding systems, which can, in practice, require voltages of up to 835 V.

These high-performance connectors are used in control cabinets in robotic industrial production processes to supply power to welding systems by connecting the dresspack to the welding transformer along the robot arm. Two pilot contacts can also be integrated for signal cables, while a hexagonal coding pin prevents misalignment.
Welding-System Power Supply of up to 1000 V
16.04.2015 » The New MULTILAM ML-I - A New Generation
With the new ML-I, Multi-Contact is bringing in a new generation of MULTILAM – in several respects. Not only is the new ML-I made from a sustainable contact material and optimized for manufacturing and installation, it has also been designed to meet different requirements from the market and from a range of areas of application. In addition, the newly established nomenclature to describe this and future types of MULTILAM is used for the first time here – hence “ML-I”. With the “ML” abbreviation, Multi-Contact combines the standardization of types with the trademarked “MULTILAM” brand name.
The New MULTILAM ML-I - A New Generation
23.03.2015 » Automatic Power Charger
New charging concept makes electric buses more mobile and independent in their routing The driver of the e-bus stops at the marking. A flexible plug immediately extends from the charging station, clicks into the charging socket installed on the bus, and starts charging after a signal is issued. The amount of energy that can be transferred during the short stop is sufficient to recharge the battery. Using this new connector for quick-charge systems, the Swiss connector specialist Multi-Contact paves the way for electric buses to further develop into environmentally friendly inner-city transportation.
Automatic Power Charger
24.02.2015 » Our online CombiTac configuration tool is now also available for iPad
With the CombiTac Configurator you may easily create the connector suited to your specific application requirements, choosing from a range of contacts, carriers and housings, and directly transmit your inquiry to our sales team online. Should you be offline at the time, your configuration will be saved.

Our modular connector system allows the individual combination of various contact types such as power, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fiber optic, pneumatic, hydraulic and bus connections in a compact frame or housing. Electrical contacts are based on our proven MULTILAM Technology, and are available with crimp, screw or flow-solder termination.
Our online CombiTac configuration tool is now also available for iPad
29.01.2015 » Aerospace & Defense Industry:
New Application Video
Multi-Contact provides electrical connection solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the aerospace and defense industry. For this demanding field of application we offer both products from our standard portfolio and customized solutions for signal, power and data transfer as well as hydraulic and pneumatic connections.

Our solutions are lightweight, extra compact and vibration resistant. They meet the RTCA standard DO-160 for airborne equipment as well as other international requirements of the aerospace and defense industry.
Aerospace & Defense Industry: </br>New Application Video
26.08.2014 » The Evolution of the MC4 Connector Range
Multi-Contact presents the new MC4-EVO 2

It looks good, reliably conducts large currents, can be assembled on-site, and has received all of the necessary international certifications (IEC, UL, cTÜVus, JET, CSA) for use worldwide. The MC4-EVO 2 is the latest addition to the MC4 PV connector range, which has proven itself a million times over, and has just been launched by Multi-Contact on the global market. The new connector from the market leader for PV connectors has been approved for 1500 V DC (IEC, TÜV) and 1000 V DC (UL). The connector is extremely efficient, meaning that currents of up to 45 A can be transmitted with a cable cross section of 4 mm²/12 AWG, 53 A can be transmitted with a cable cross section of 6 mm²/10 AWG, and 69 A can be transmitted with a cable cross section of 10 mm²/8 AWG.
The Evolution of the MC4 Connector Range
20.06.2014 » Multi-Contact's Eric Ast elected president of IPVEA
During Intersolar Europe 2014 in Munich, the International Photovoltaic Equipment Association (IPVEA) elected new members to their board, including Multi-Contact's Eric Ast as their new president. Eric Ast, Global Business Development Manager Photovoltaics at Multi-Contact, replaces Sven E. Jarby from Oerlikon in the position of president of the IPVEA. The election took place at the association’s AGM during this year’s Intersolar Europe in Munich.
19.02.2014 » CombiTac with New IP68 Housing
Multi-Contact is adding a robust housing with an IP68 degree of protection to its CombiTac modular connector system. The new housing made of powder-coated cast aluminum is resistant to salt spray and corrosion. 360° shielding protects against electromagnetic influences. Four sizes with screw fittings are available as standard.
CombiTac with New IP68 Housing
19.12.2013 » Electrical Grounding Hinge for Switch Gear Cabinet Doors
The new electrical grounding hinge (EGH) from Multi-Contact replaces the traditional hinge and the grounding strip and thus allows quick, simple and safe fitting and removal of the door. The ground connection is made automatically on fitting. There is no risk of forgetting to fit grounding strips or fitting them incorrectly. At the same time, the EMC properties are better than those in systems with a grounding strip.
Electrical Grounding Hinge for Switch Gear Cabinet Doors
02.12.2013 » RobiFix-TWA - an economic and user-friendly solution
Male connector for welding transformers, right-angled The RobiFix family is growing with a new solution for joint 6 (J6), allowing to connect the dresspack end from the side instead of the top. When the space above the welding transformer is very limited and pluging/unplugging is hindered due to the narrow environemental conditions the RobiFix-TWA is a perfect fit with its lateral operability. It will mainly be used for spot welding in automotive body-shops.

The RobiFix-TWA is a profitable solution for manufacturers of welding transformers and welding guns, as well as integrators when bringing robot dressout and transgun together.
RobiFix-TWA - an economic and user-friendly solution
13.11.2013 » New Test Accessories for CAT IV
Multi-Contact is adding various clips and adapters to the range of safe test accessories for CAT IV up to 1000V. Like the established magnetic adapters for screw heads, the new products provide optimum contact safety for current and voltage taps on the input side. Single-collet pliers are now available for threaded bolts. New plug adapters for internal hex screws have a hexagonal contact element to allow secure connection with low contact resistance.
New Test Accessories for CAT IV
11.11.2013 » New Member of the Multi-Contact Executive Board
As of November 1st, 2013, Mr. Matthias Mack has joined the Multi-Contact Executive Board in the position of Global Manager Photovoltaic. Mr. Matthias Mack, formerly Segment Manager Photovoltaic, has taken on a new position as Global Manager Photovoltaic at the company’s headquarters in Allschwil, Switzerland.
New Member of the Multi-Contact Executive Board
22.10.2013 » Adjustable test probes with new tip shapes
IEC/EN 61010-031:2008 defines measurement categories for various working environments and defines the requirements for electrical test accessories. For the length of bare test probes, the norm requires a maximum of 4 mm in measurement categories CAT III and CAT IV and a maximum of 19 mm in measurement category CAT II.

The adjustable test probes from Multi-Contact (MC) allow users to work safely and in accordance with the standards in various measurement categories.
Adjustable test probes with new tip shapes
18.10.2013 » MC4 – Now 1kV UL Recognized
Multi-Contact’s MC4 PV Connector is now rated for 1000 V UL and 1500 V TÜV* The original PV connector system MC4 has now been recognized by UL for
a 1kV DC rating. The following configurations are applicable:

PV-KST4/2,5II, PV-KST4/6II, PV-KST4/8II**, PV-KBT4/2,5/II, PV-KBT6/II and PV-KBT4/8II** covering 14AWG, 12AWG, 10AWG and now also 8AWG**

A rating increase to 1500 V TÜV has also been granted (for restricted applications).
For more information regarding the MC4 connector or any of our other solar products, please go to
MC4 – Now 1kV UL Recognized
01.07.2013 » Primary circuit connector RobiFix cURus recognized
Multi-Contact’s primary circuit connector RobiFix is becoming a new standard in the automotive industry. Since early 2013 the connector is a UL recognized component to both Canadian and US standards (cURus). Particularly compact, energy efficient and user-friendly, RobiFix is one of only a few connectors for the automotive industry to fulfil all requirements for UL recognition. RobiFix is suited for the use on all relevant robot interfaces, on manual and stationary welding guns as well as on automatic tool changers.
Primary circuit connector RobiFix cURus recognized
18.06.2013 » Multi-Contact introduces connector series
At Intersolar Europe 2013 in Munich, Multi-Contact, the leader in PV connectors, introduces a new name for their PV connector series. The pre-assembled cable sets, widely known as MC4PLUS, will from now on be marketed under the name „MC4-EVO 3“. The MC4-EVO 3 products are compatible with the original MC4 connectors used worldwide, and are available with cable cross sections of 2.5, 4, and 6mm2.
Multi-Contact introduces connector series <br>MC4-EVO 3
07.05.2013 » New plugin 1/2013
Green light for the future: Ideas & solutions for the markets of tomorrow Innovative - New Multilam LA-CUDD Energy turnaround - Connectors for mobile storage units Target market China - Ready for the railway boom
New plugin 1/2013
22.04.2013 » New, maintenance free battery connector
For the quick, safe and easy interconnection of Li-Ion battery packs Multi-Contact has developed a new, maintenance-free battery cable connector (BCC). The BCC has been specifically designed for applications requiring quick installation, maximum safety and minimum maintenance. It is for example suited for the use in battery storage solutions for renewable energies such as photovoltaics and wind power, or for the interconnection of battery packs in electric vehicles for public transport or mining. The easy to handle solution provides a high level of safety for the operating personnel in high voltage (300 V) and high power applications.
New, maintenance free battery connector
28.03.2013 » Innovation award for mobile energy storage concept
The idea of a mobile storage solution using connection technology by Multi-Contact was granted the “Clean Energy Innovation” Award by the DCTI (German CleanTech Institute). The concept presents an alternative to the network expansion, which may help relieve the power grid in a simple, fast and flexible way. Mobile battery storage systems, located in truck trailers or containers, are connected to the hub. This punctual relieve saves time and money compared to an extensive premanent network expansion, and helps avoid bottlenecks.
Innovation award for mobile energy storage concept
27.03.2013 » RobiFix-LOCK
Very fast, user-friendly and suitable for overhung locking or wall mounting - the new interlock system for RobiFix. Multi-Contact has developed a new standard for robot dress packs for spot welding. The RobiFix primary circuit connector provides power supply in the dress pack with single-core cables, and is particularly compact, installation-friendly and cost-effective. New accessory parts now round out the system and extend its possible applications.
26.03.2013 » New product website:
The new RobiFix website provides illustrative and detailed information on the concept, applications and technical specifications of the versatile, compact primary circuit connector. In the automotive industry RobiFix is becoming a new standard for the electrical connection of dresspacks, mainly on welding robots. The advantages are obvious: The compact, extra leightweight connector is user-friendly and easy to maintain, assembly times can be reduced by up to 50 percent.
New product website:
21.02.2013 » DLG Certificate for ammonia resistant components
Multi-Contact submitted their connectors MC4 und MC4-EVO 3 as well as the PV-JB/WL junction box to a voluntary ammonia resistance test run by the DLG. All three components passed the test successfully. The certificate was officially presented at the Eurotier 2012 exhibition in Hanover. The Westelake junction box and the MC4-EVO 3 connector are the first of their kind worldwide to receive the double recognition for 1500 VDC (IEC) / 1000 VDC (UL).
DLG Certificate for ammonia resistant components
07.02.2013 » Multi-Contact opens PV-specific website
With a new PV-themed website Multi-Contact addresses the various players of the photovoltaic industry and simplifies their search for suitable products. Multi-Contact’s new PV portal makes it easier for module manufacturers, inverter manufacturers and solar installers to get an overview of the company’s broad product range and to quickly identify the products best suited for their respective requirements. Requests submitted through the contact form are directly forwarded to the PV department, saving time and effort. We invite you to our new website:
Multi-Contact opens PV-specific website
30.10.2012 » MPC meets future European fire safety standard
The modular MPC connector from Multi-Contact meets the requirements of the future European fire safety standard CEN/TS 45545-2:2012 for hazard level R23 HL2 when used outdoors. The different fire safety requirements for rail vehicles that have applied to date for the individual European nations will in future be replaced by a single European standard CEN/TS 45545- 2:2012.
MPC meets future European fire safety standard
25.10.2012 » New high-performance Multilam LA-CUDD
The new, compact high-performance Multilam LA-CUDD from Multi-Contact has outstanding current load capacity and is resilient to short-circuits. Optimum contact and sliding force design, the special contact geometry and the spring mechanism ensure long-lasting, reliable contacts. The outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of the new LA-CUDD Multilam contacts are setting new standards for high-current contact elements. The very low contact resistance and very high conductance of the Multilam contacts permits nearly loss-free power transmission and thus low heat generation at the point of contact.
New high-performance Multilam LA-CUDD
24.10.2012 » PV-JB/WL-V junction box passes UL tests
In addition to the TÜV certification for a rated voltage up to 1000V, Multi-Contact’s junction box PV-JB/WL with vertical connection geometry (PV-JB/WL-V) has now also successfully passed the UL tests for up to 1000V. The installation of the PV-JB/WL is easy and safe, thanks to silicone assembly with prefixing tapes. They prevent the junction box from moving out of place while the silicone filling is drying. The vertical connection geometry meets the most common connection requirements of crystalline modules.
PV-JB/WL-V junction box passes UL tests
25.09.2012 » New railway video
Discover our new railway - MPC (Modular Power Connector) video.
New railway video
23.08.2012 » Multi-Contact UK expands to larger premises
Having outgrown its old premises, Multi-Contact UK has moved to a bigger and better building. Remaining in Milton Keynes, its new location is only a few hundred metres up the road. The two-storey building has been fitted with a state of the art vertical lift which provides automated stock storage and retrieval. A purpose built video conference suite is also included that will enhance communication with customers and with Multi-Contact’s head office in Switzerland.
Multi-Contact UK expands to larger premises
06.08.2012 » Modular Power Connector MPC meets IP69K
Multi-Contact’s Modular Power Connector (MPC), specifically designed for the harsh environment of railway applications, now fulfils the highest protection class IP69K according to DIN 40050-9. It is thus suited for cleaning processes with high-pressure jets and at high temperatures. The MPC also fulfils protection classes IP66 and IP67. The modular connector system has been developed for the transmission of power in the electric propulsion system of rolling stock.
Modular Power Connector MPC meets IP69K
02.07.2012 » Primary Circuit Connector RobiFix UL recognized
The latest primary circuit connector RobiFix by Multi-Contact has been UL recognized since January 2012. Particularly compact, energy efficient and user-friendly, RobiFix is one of only a few connectors for the automotive industry to fulfil the requirements for a UL-recognition. For further details please refer to
Primary Circuit Connector RobiFix UL recognized
20.06.2012 » MC4 system new with protection class IP68
Multi-Contact’s photovoltaic connectors MC4 and MC4-EVO 3 have recently been certified for protection class IP68. With the highly efficient, TÜV and UL certified connectors, the entire PV installation may be cabled consistently with a single system. The pre-assembled MC4-EVO 3 (1500 VDC TÜV / 1000 VDC UL) is partucularly suited for module manufacturers and for installations with large cable cross sections. The original MC4 (1000 VDC TÜV / 600 VDC UL) has proven successful during the past 10 years in installations worldwide; it is available pre-assembled as well as for on-site assembly.
MC4 system new with protection class IP68
18.06.2012 » PV components tested for ammonia resistance
Multi-Contact’s PV connector MC4 and the crystalline junction box PV-JB/WL have recently successfully passed the ammonia resistance test run by the DLG. In rural areas, solar systems are being widely used. PV modules on the roofs of barns and stables are a common form of solar installations. In this surrounding, the modules are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.
PV components tested for ammonia resistance
15.06.2012 » High performance PV connector internationally recognized
With the MC4-EVO 3, Multi-Contact introduced a PV connector to the market which is especially designed for internationally operating module manufacturers. The MC4-EVO 3 ist the first connector worldwide to be recognized for both 1500 VDC TÜV and 1000 VDC UL. With these performance parameters the connector is able to meet new demands evoked by permanently increasing cable cross sections. By adding the MC4-EVO 3 connector to the original MC4 system, Multi-Contact broadens the portfolio by an automatically assembled connection solution which can be produced at low cost with consistant high quality.
High performance PV connector internationally recognized
13.06.2012 » Junction box PV-JB/WL now IEC certified for 1500 VDC
With double-certification 1500 VDC IEC and 1000 VDC UL, Multi-Contact’s PV junction box PV-JB/WL-H is suited for global use on high performace PV modules. The PV-JB/WL is a particularly flat-built box, which can be installed directly underneath the module frame. This eliminates the need to bend the connecting ribbons, saving valuable time in the installation process. Ribbon termination is achieved by clamping, welding or soldering.
Junction box PV-JB/WL now IEC certified for 1500 VDC
10.02.2012 » MC4-EVO 3 now UL 1000V recognized
Multi-Contact’s new PV connector MC4-EVO 3, originally rated for 600V, is now UL recognized for a rated voltage of 1000V and fulfills the IEC standards for 1000V and 1500V (depending on the cable selection). More detailed information can be found under UL file no. E343181.
MC4-EVO 3 now UL 1000V recognized
01.02.2012 » 50 Years of Multi-Contact!
In 2012 we celebrate our 50th company anniversary. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, partners and co-workers for the successful cooperation to date. Multi-Contact began as a family business in 1962 in Basle, and has since grown into a leading international electrical connectors manufacturer, operating business units all over the world. The company's success is based on a groundbreaking invention of it's founder, Rudolf Neidecker – the MC Multilam.
50 Years of Multi-Contact!
11.11.2011 » Solution navigator
This solution navigator is our new tool that acts like an enhanced application explorer. With it you can: Find concrete solutions for your applications down through our product range View related information about our component range, specifications and benefits Direct downlad of specific catalogues Discover our success stories In other words, this leads into an improved overview and a better understanding of our market applications. Interactive and fast navigation:
<a href="">Solution navigator</a>
08.11.2011 » New plugin 2/2011
Right on top: renewable energy Smart junction boxes - The next generation E-mobility - In the fast lane New national company - MC Brazil
New plugin 2/2011
17.10.2011 » Junction box PV-JB/WL TÜV and UL certified
Shortly after receiving the TÜV certification Multi-Contact’s junction box PV-JB/WL-H has now also been recognized by UL. The PV-JB/WL is available in a 10A and 12A version, and conforms to protection category IP65. The flat design of the box enables it to be installed directly under the module frame structure. This saves valuable time in the installation process, since it eliminates the need to bend over the ribbon conductors.
Junction box PV-JB/WL TÜV and UL certified
05.09.2011 » New Power Connector 21BV by Multi-Contact
Multi-Contact presents a new connector in the 3 Powerline. The single pole, insulated Ø 21mm round connector complements the well established 10BV and 16BV systems, adding to the program a particularly powerful solution with current carrying capacity up to 800A. The new 21BV series is intended for use in mobile power generators, mobile emergency power systems, event cabling, production test facilities and other applications where copper conductors need to be connected and/or contact needs to be made between conductor and panel receptacle. An innovative, smart bayonet locking system simplifies the handling.
New Power Connector 21BV by Multi-Contact
02.09.2011 » Green Technology for a Green Community
Multi-Contact USA celebrated new home in Windsor, California with official ribbon-cutting ceremony and a public open house event. In February 2011, Multi-Contact USA moved in to its new greater quarters in the Town of Windsor. Due to its rapidly expanding manufacturing capabilities in North America and the significant increase in their workforce over the years, the move to this 42,000-square foot facility was the right choice. To celebrate this milestone, MC-USA hosted a private opening ceremony in April that included Multi-Contact’s senior management, as well as members from the Stäubli Group management and board.
Green Technology for a Green Community
26.07.2011 » The MC4 with a Plus
Multi-Contact’s pre-assembled photovoltaic connector MC4-EVO 3 is now TÜV certified up to DC 1500V. The MC4-EVO 3 has been designed particularly for automated assembly, therefore enabling more efficient production processes. The compact connector with cables of cross-sections from 1.5 to 6mm2 is TÜV and UL recognized and intermateable with the original MC4.
The MC4 with a Plus
23.05.2011 » Dual certification for MC4-EVO 3
Multi-Contact’s pre-assembled PV connector MC4-EVO 3 has recently been recognized by both TÜV and UL. It is a cost-efficient connection solution for module manufacturers, as the connector is assembled automatically. It can be produced efficiently at high quality. The compact MC4-EVO 3 with cables in cross sections from 1.
Dual certification for MC4-EVO 3
05.04.2011 » New plugin 1/2011
Safety first! Environmental management: ISO 14001 certificate Application: CombiTac in medicine Product-Highlights: Everything for your safety
New plugin 1/2011
25.03.2011 » ISO 14001: Multi-Contact is committed to sustainability
Ecological awareness is an essential part of Multi-Contact’s corporate identity. The Swiss connector manufacturer provides its customers with particularly energy-efficient, long lasting electrical connections, thanks to the MC Multilam Technology. Multi-Contact connectors thus contribute largely to saving ressources in the respective fields of application. With the MC3 and MC4 connector systems Multi-Contact is leading in the Photovoltaic sector worldwide.
ISO 14001: Multi-Contact is committed to sustainability
24.03.2011 » MessTec & Sensor Masters Award 2011
“bronze” for Multi-Contact’s new test probe
Multi-Contact’s reversible test probe XSAP-4 is one of the winners of this year’s MessTec & Sensor Masters Award. In the category test & measurement, the new probe won third place. The new XSAP-4 fulfills the latest requirements of the IEC/EN 61010-031 standard, which defines new regulations for the maximum length of blank test probes: in test categories CAT III and IV, the maximum length is 4 mm, in CAT II up to 19 mm are permitted.
MessTec & Sensor Masters Award 2011<br>“bronze” for Multi-Contact’s new test probe
23.03.2011 » Earthquake in Japan: Charity donation
On March 11, 2011, a massive earth quake shook Northeastern Japan, resulting in heavy loss of life and property. The Management of Stäubli and Multi-Contact is deeply saddened by this disaster. As per the information received from the Stäubli business Unit in Osaka as well as our representative in Yokohama, we are glad to confirm that none of our colleagues, partners and customers have been hurt. On behalf of our employees worldwide, we offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to those impacted by this earth quake.
Earthquake in Japan: Charity donation
09.03.2011 » Messzubehör von Multi-Contact für den
MessTec & Sensor Masters Award 2011 nominiert
Die umschaltbare Prüfspitze XSAP-4 von Multi-Contact ist für den diesjährigen MessTec & Sensor Masters Award, Rubrik Test & Measurement, nominiert worden. Die Auszeichnung wird jährlich von der Fachzeitschrift messtec drives Automation vergeben. In der Februar-Ausgabe wurden die nominierten Produkte vorgestellt. Bis einschliesslich 11.
Messzubehör von Multi-Contact für den<br>MessTec & Sensor Masters Award 2011 nominiert
19.01.2011 » Annual theme for 2011: On the safe side!
Every year Multi-Contact comes up with a motto, which is used e.g. for advertisements and trade shows. The concept has been applied successfully in Germany over the past two years, and will be implemented globally starting 2011.
Annual theme for 2011: On the safe side!
18.01.2011 » Multi-Contact USA is moving
The relocation of MC USA from Santa Rosa to the neighbouring town of Windsor is scheduled for February 2011. The recently rented 43,000 square-foot building provides a lot more space. It is located right at the Town Green in old Downtown, only a few minutes’ drive from the current office. The main reasons for the change are the increasing demand for solar components and the rapidly grown number of staff.
Multi-Contact USA is moving
07.09.2010 » New plugin 2/2010
Off to new shores together! Education in Europe - The future of the industry Projects in Haiti & Cambodia - The sun brings hope New office - Xi'an, China
New plugin 2/2010
05.07.2010 » Action against plagiarists at the Intersolar Europe
At the world‘s largest PV exhibition in Munich, Germany, this year Multi-Contact successfully continued the actions against illegal product copies. Legal action was taken against two distributors and one manufacturer of counterfeit products directly on-site. With two companies, an out-of-court settlement was reached. Illegal product copies deliberately mislead the customer.
Action against plagiarists at the Intersolar Europe
08.06.2010 » Multi-Contact at the Intersolar 2010
Multi-Contact again exhibits at the Intersolar Europe, taking place from 9 - 11 June 2010 at the Neue Messe München. Stand C4-582 This year, we are pleased to present you a number of new products from our PV product line, including: - the new generation of PV connectors - new junction boxes for crystalline and thin-film panels Further, we are happy to inform you about the manyfold possibilities of customized solutions, based on the unique MC Multilam Technology. As leading manufacturer of photovoltaic connector systems who pioneered in this field, Multi-Contact had again the opportunity to participate in a PV study by the German CleanTech Institute DCTI, receiving the official CleanTech certificate.
Multi-Contact at the Intersolar 2010
07.06.2010 » Multi-Contact at the AUTOMATICA 2010
Multi-Contact again exhibits at the International Trade Fair for Automation and Mechatronics AUTOMATICA, taking place at the Neue Messe München from 8 - 11 June. Participating in the initiative „Green Automation“, we will show you the advantages of our unique, particularly energy-efficient MC Multilam Technology in regard to resource-saving, environmentally sound automation. We are pleased to present you the new, user-friendly connector FL3-Servo-Power-6+PE, an addition to our Dockingline product range. The simplified handling, thanks to interchangeable contact inserts, saves time during maintenance and repair.
Multi-Contact at the AUTOMATICA 2010
17.05.2010 » New CombiTac module for data transfer
The modular connector system CombiTac by Multi-Contact has been enriched by a new optical fibre connector for data transfer. The new component was introduced to the public at the Hannover Messe 2010, and was met with great interest by the professional visitors. Glass Optical Fibre (GOF) New 4-pole connector for Ø 3mm mono- or multi-mode optical fibre. Fibre types:
New CombiTac module for data transfer
10.05.2010 » New high current module for MC CombiTac
Multi-Contact has developed a new Ø 12mm connector for high current applications for the modular connector system CombiTac. The new connector was first presented to the public at the Hannover Messe 2010. Connector CT-12mm The new Ø 12mm connector with silver plated contact has been particularly designed for high current applications up to 292A. For either crimp termination or metric thread termination using a cable lug on to flexible copper cable.
New high current module for MC CombiTac
03.05.2010 » Multi-Contact opens new office in Russia
This Monday, May 3rd, the new Multi-Contact sales team in St. Petersburg, Russia, has officially started their work. Visitors of the Exporail 2010 in Moscow already had the opportunity to meet them in person in March this year. The new office is supposed to strengthen our presence and increase our recognition in the growing Russian market.
Multi-Contact opens new office in Russia
19.04.2010 » New test probe generation Isoprobe IV
With the new Isoprobe IV series, Multi-Contact offers reliable oscilloscope probes in compact design. New generation of test probes is an addition to the touch protected MC high frequency program. The greatly reduced size of this new product substantially facilitates the conduct of measurements in a restricted space, while maintaining the good electronic characteristics of MC Isoprobe test probes. Thanks to a high frequency range up to 500 MHz with touch protection up to 300V, CAT III, the Isoprobe IV test probes are particularly suited for electronics engineers, while the probes of the Isoprobe II and Isoprobe III series are designed primarily for electricians.
New test probe generation Isoprobe IV
18.04.2010 » Test leads with new Ø 4mm stackable plug
Multi-Contact test accessories stand for safety and reliability, and have proven their worth many times in daily use. Now we have added a new type of test leads to our broad product range. The test leads XVF/XVS-4075 are equipped with a new Ø 4mm stackable plug. The plug part with lamella, the rear socket and the connection port is a one piece construction offering a particularly low contact resistance.
Test leads with new Ø 4mm stackable plug
17.04.2010 » New CombiTac module for high voltages
At the Hannover Messe 2010, Multi-Contact will introduce a new high voltage component for the modular connector system CombiTac. The rated voltage from pole to pole is 5 kV and from pole to the neutral conductor 2,9 kV. Typical applications include testing stations requiring high voltages and a high number of mating cycles. Other areas of application are tool changing systems for injection moulding machines, pulsed applications, and medical equipment.
New CombiTac module for high voltages
11.03.2010 » New plugin 1/2010
Focus on Green energy MC UK - Tidal power & electric trucks. Interview MC USA - What to expect of the new “Green Deal”? New Unit - St. Petersburg, Russia.
New plugin 1/2010
08.03.2010 » MC Czech Republic: new address
On March 1st, 2010, Multi-Contact Czech Republic relocated to a new office. The 1000m2 building hosts offices for both Multi-Contact and Stäubli as well as extended storage space, allowing us to respond more quickly to sales orders. Moreover, there is a large meeting room for up to 20 people, a show room for connectors (Electri-cal and Fluid), and a training room for Stäubli’s robotic division with robots for training and testing purposes. The new setting is well suited for customer appointments, product trainings and presentations.
MC Czech Republic: new address
10.02.2010 » New MC Website
In order to complete the implementation of the new corporate design in correspondence with the Stäubli Group, the company website has been completely re-designed and updated. It now also features the characteristic red bar on white background. The new site is based on the latest technology, and the clear navigation allows quick orientation for the visitor. The latest news and upcoming trade shows are now located on the front page, next to a direct link to current job offers.
New MC Website
14.01.2010 » The New Challenge: Quality and Price
After a difficult business year 2009 with heavy declines in the solar market in the first half of the year and a noticeable relaxation in the second half, many experts predict a revival of the industry for 2010 and beyond. The Multi-Contact Deutschland GmbH (MC) also expects positive developments in the PV market, and anticipates new challenges. An interview with the Key Account Manager for photovoltaics, Matthias Mack.
The New Challenge: Quality and Price
03.12.2009 » USA: Meeting the demand for solar connector systems
Stäubli completes expansion of its production facility in the USA with capacities for manufacturing Multi-Contact PV connectors. The Stäubli Group has completed the expansion of its Duncan plant in South Carolina / USA. The occasion has been celebrated on October 29th with a ribbon cutting ceremony in the presence of Stäubli Group CEO Rolf Strebel, Stäubli Corporation CEO Yves Stäubli and Multi-Contact CEO Franco Delvecchio.
USA: Meeting the demand for solar connector systems
27.11.2009 » Overwhelming response at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES
During the first two days, the participation in the SPS exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, has already proven successful. Our sales team reports great positive response from the visitors. The number of visitors at our booth is significantly higher than in 2008; on the first day alone we recorded an increase of 50%. We have been anticipating many visitors, but this result exceeds our expectations.
Overwhelming response at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES
05.10.2009 » New plugin 2/2009
MC connects Europe's highest solar installation. Well done! - Award for Solton. Steps against plagiarism - MC sues product pirates. New Products - Railwayline, Aeroline & Test&Measureline.
New plugin 2/2009
03.08.2009 » MC Products on Top
Europe’s highest solar power station at the „Matterhorn Glacier Paradise“ near Zermatt, Switzerland, employs Multi-Contact junction boxes and connectors. 108 solar panels by 3S Swiss Solar Systems are built into the south front of the new, environmentally compatible restaurant on top of the Klein Matterhorn. For the cabling of the installation at 3840m 3S chose MC junction boxes PV-JB/2 and MC4 connectors. Thanks to the high sun intensity and additional refl exion by snow, the alpine location offers ideal conditions for a photovoltaic installation.
MC Products on Top
29.07.2009 » 30th anniversary MC Deutschland GmbH
Last Saturday, on July 25, 2009 the Multi-Contact Deutschland GmbH celebrated their 30th anniversary with an open day. Roughly 350 visitors took the chance to have a closer look at Multi-Contact and took part in guided tours of the company. In a small exhibition the history of Multi-Contact worldwide, and the Multi-Contact Deutschland GmbH in particular, was documented in a time line. Beautiful weather and an entertaining programme added to a great atmosphere for everyone.
30th anniversary MC Deutschland GmbH
15.06.2009 » New Applications Flyer
Connection Solutions for Aerospace. Rack & Panel connection Solutions. Electrical Contacts from AWG26 to AWG0000. Power distribution and relay sockets.
New Applications Flyer
11.06.2009 » Official opening event at MC Essen on June 19
Official opening of the new building at MC Essen. On Friday, June 19, 2009, an official opening ceremony will be held for the new MC building in Essen, Germany. The construction of the new offices and production hall was finished in December 2008, and the PV installation on the roof was installed. The new production facilities started operating at the beginning of this year.
Official opening event at MC Essen on June 19
10.06.2009 » New office in China
Multi-Contact opens a new office in Wuhan, China. Together with Stäubli’s Connectors and Robotics divisions, Multi-Contact has opened a new office in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province. Wuhan is a major industrial centre as well as an important transportation hub, and hosts one of China’s leading universities. The local sales team will support the customers proficiently, and allows for personal customer contact as well as shorter response times.
New office in China
09.06.2009 » Intersolar 2009: Multi-Contact tracks down copycats!
Multi-Contact takes action against plagiarism. At this year’s Intersolar in Munich, Germany, the world’s largest trade show for the photovoltaic industry, Multi-Contact again succeeded in tracking down product counterfeiters. Legal action was taken against two manufacturers as well as two providers of illegal MC product copies. In the past, Multi-Contact already won a number of trials against product pirates.
Intersolar 2009: Multi-Contact tracks down copycats!
26.05.2009 » New plugin 1/2009
MC increases production capacities. New Management - Multi-Contact AG Anniversary - 30 Years Multi-Contact Weil Corporate Design - A new Style for MC New Products - Solarline & Slide-inline
New plugin 1/2009
23.03.2009 » 150 Million MC photovoltaic connectors sold!
Multi-Contact has set a new record: the 150millionth PV-connector has just been sold. Being one of the pioneers in providing connector systems for the photovoltaic industry, Multi- Contact looks back on more than 10 years experience on this sector. With MC3 and MC4 we offer a series of high-quality connector systems for PV modules of various kinds.
150 Million MC photovoltaic connectors sold!
02.12.2008 » The new Building in Germany nears completion ...
The new Building in Germany nears completion ...
24.11.2008 » MC-Management will be amended as of January 2009
Mr. Philippe GRUNENBERGER will be attending to the tasks of Vice President Sales & Marketing as Mr. Franco Delvecchio's successor who is attending the MC-Group CEO's tasks since September 2008. Philippe Grunenberger joined MC-Allschwil in September 1987 as Design Engineer.
MC-Management will be amended as of January 2009
13.11.2008 » Extension of Duncan facility
Production of solar connector systems in the United States. November 2008 - Stäubli announces the expansion of its Duncan site in South Carolina / United States. The new facility will host the production of electrical connector systems for the rapidly expanding solar power market. In addition, Stäubli will start the assembly of tool changers for the automation industry as well as electromagnetic quick mold clamping systems for the North American plastic market.
Extension of Duncan facility

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